The Roman Empire in Serbia

The Roman Empire in Serbia The Roman Empire in Serbia

That Serbia is rich in Roman heritage, tells the fact that on our soil was born or lived 17 Roman emperors which is the one fifth of them. The Emperor Conastantine, one of the most important figures for Christianity, was born in Nish. The cities, temples and roads were built, and today its telling us about the greatness and importance of Roman Empire.

Sirmium (Today Sremska Mitrovica) was one of the capitals of East Roman Empire. In, oncerichand powerful Roman city, Sirmium, were born three Roman Emperors (Decius, Probus and Maximinus), while the significant number of them were lived for a longer or shorter time. City was mostly used as a military base during the quests against the barbarians. Romans took the Sirmium probably at the time of Tiberius’ wars in Pannonia (13th – 19th century BC).

Viminacium (the roman town and military camp) was one of the first military forts on the Danube, near Požarevac. In the time of the boom, it was one of the biggest Roman towns at Balkans. It has between 35 and 48 thousand of citizens, stretched to 450 acres and was one third bigger than Pompeii. Almost every Roman emperor resided for some period in Viminacium.

The importance of the Djerdap for Roman Empire is shown through the construction of the Roman military road which was stretching along the Danube and which was built by Traian as a part of the war preparations against the Dacians. He was building the road from Belgrade, through Djerdap Gorge, until the place from where he built a bridge on the Danube on the year of 103th. This work was perpetuated with Tabula Traiana.

Particular piece of royal Roman architecture, under the protection of UNESCO is Felix Romuliana, the Imperial palace next to the current Zaječar which was built by the roman emperor Galerius Maximilian, in 3rd and 4th century, for him and his mother Romula.

Archeological locality Mediana near Niš is considered as the summer residence of the roman emperor Constantine the Great (born in Niš). It is planned, for June 2013, to be shown 500 square meters of 17 centuries old mosaic.

Iustiniana Prima, The Empress city, is a heritage of Justinian the first, Roman emperor which was born in South Serbia and decided to build the city, in his home land, which will glorify his name.


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