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Ancient history of the Serbian territory

Ancient history of the Serbian territory Ancient history of the Serbian territory

The story, which lasts more than 40.000 years. The first inhabitants of Serbia were choosing the caves on the slopes of the lower hills, near rivers and hidden from he open landscape. These primitive societies had 10-15 members. They were hunting, collecting fruits and making tools and weapons of stones and bones.

Danube, on whose shores the first settlers found refuge, played a key role. The river was their starting point, the first trade route and the fast way of communication and transportation.

Risovaca cave, located near Arandjelovac, is one of the most famous sites of prehistoric cultures in which are preserved traces of the oldest habitats of Paleolithic man on the Balkans. In the cave there are numerous objects (tools of stones and bones) and the decorations used by Primitive man, and a very large amount of animal bones from the Ice Age.

Discoveries in Lepenski vir talk about a community which was the first in Europe developing the urbanistic area and cultivating cult objects, at the time when other communities were still living the nomadic way of life, moving to search for food. Here were found numerous sculptures on which the most common are modeled fish-like human head.  

On the culture of Lepenski Vir is continued the culture od Vinča, a civilization which was exciting between 5500th and 4000th BC. Vinča is the first settlement which was the seat of the first urban European civilization. It is believed that the Vinča alphabet, which was usedby agricultural population of Vinca for religious purposes, is the earliest form of letters ever found. The inhabitants of Vinca knew how to process metal and ceramics.

Locality Pločnik belongs to the younger phase of culture of Vinča, and based on founded copper tools it is considered to be the oldest site of its kind in the world.

The culture of Starčevo in its earliest stage was existing along with the culture of Vinča. In Starcevo people lived in dugouts and houses over ground, they made ceramic with thin wall painted by white, black and red color.

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