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The ancient Roman town Nais, present-day Nis, was an important frontier fortress of the Roman Empire. It was there that the Emperor Constantine was born. A superb bronze head of the Emperor, discovered in Nis, is now in the National Museum in Belgrade.

Nis, birth place of the great Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (280–337 A.D.) the first emperor that afforded the freedom of religion, to all Christians, presents the basis of Naissus, ancient Roman Empire. Mediana (IV century), suburb of ancient town Naissus, was built during the empire of Constantine the Great, as a residence where roman emperors resided, during their visit to Naissus. Today, only remains of basis, mosaics and marble figures are visible.

The remains of the Roman summer resort Mediana, with the foundations of villas, mosaics and marble figures, have been unearthed in the vicinity of Nis. A 6th century Byzantine tomb, discovered in the city, includes well-preserved frescoes with zoomorphic and floral motives.

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