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Western Serbia

Zlatibor Mountain

Mt. Zlatibor is a gently rolling highland with endless pastures and firgrant meadows. It is 230 km away from Belgrade. This location has been known as a climatic spa due to its favorable environmental conditions numerous sunny days. ... Full story

Western Serbia

The most famous Serbian mountains Zlatibor and Tara with its attractive sites: Sirogojno, Sarganska osmica (Sargan Eight - the narrow railway), Drvengrad - Mećavnik (ethnic ... Full story

Sarganska osmica - Shargan Eight

The romantic sound of a s team-powered train going through a beautiful countryside is not the Orient Express Story but our reality. Not far away ... Full story


Mecavnik, ethno village, established by famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica. This unusual town is located on Mokra Gora, in western Serbia, between mountains Zlatibor and Tara. It consists of wooden houses, precisely log huts, which preserved the authentic of this part of Serbia. ... Full story

Sirogojno - ethno village

Sirogojno is a village 10 km away from Mt. Zlatibor. An ethno village covering nearly 15 hectares has been created with authentic elements or ordinary life from this region from the 19th century. The ethno village display includes a bakery, dairy and inn, all in authentic form. ... Full story

Koviljaca Spa - Banja Koviljaca

Koviljaca Spa - Banja Koviljaca is surrounded by beech forest at the bottom of the mountain Gucevo, near the Drina River. It is known as the Kraljevska banja – Royal Spa and is open for centuries now. ... Full story

Banja Vrujci – Vrujci Spa

Banja Vrujci – Vrujci Spa is located 92 km from Belgrade, in Valjevo Podgorina in the valley of river Toplica. It is interesting that the river Gornja Toplica flows through Vrujci and you can actualy see as it evaporates in the middle of the winter due to its high temperature. ... Full story

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