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Koviljaca Spa - Banja Koviljaca

Koviljaca Spa - Banja Koviljaca Koviljaca Spa - Banja Koviljaca

Koviljaca Spa - Banja Koviljaca is surrounded by beech forest at the bottom of the mountain Gucevo, near the Drina River. It is known as the Kraljevska banja – Royal Spa and is open for centuries now.

Banja Koviljaca offers a large and beautifully landscaped park, the second largest in Serbia Mountain Gucevo because covered with beech forests is one of the mountains with the purest air in Europe. How were healing powers of Banja Koviljaca discovered? Once upon a time, caravans were crossing through this land. One of the caravans was forced to leave their horse, because it was worn out, wounded, and tired. The horse barely moved, falling from exhaustion. It lay in the mud and sulphur warm water. When the caravan returned, they found their horse pasturing grass, live and well. Thus was discovered healing powers of Banja Koviljaca.

Accommodation in Koviljaca Spa (Banja Koviljaca) offers its guests quality  and medicinal treatment of the thermal springs. If you do not want to stay in the Koviljaca spa itself, we offer you an authentic accommodation, typical of western Serbia in Gucevski vajati, or recreational sports center Suncana reka ( Sunny River), built on the place where Robert De Niro slept.

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