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Banja Vrujci – Vrujci Spa

Banja Vrujci – Vrujci Spa Banja Vrujci – Vrujci Spa

Banja Vrujci – Vrujci Spa is located 92 km from Belgrade, in Valjevo Podgorina in the valley of river Toplica. It is interesting that the river Gornja Toplica flows through Vrujci and you can actualy see as it evaporates in the middle of the winter due to its high temperature.

Banja Vrujci is developing from rural to modern sports and recreation center. Because of the moderate continental climate outdoor swimming pools can be used sometimes from the end of April to the beginning of October.

Banja Vrujci
offers walks in the nature by the trim tracks. It gives you peace and relaxation and is ideal for active rest and recreation. Near Banja Vrujci is a household that offers vacation in the village. In Banja Vrujci you can try massages with fresh fruit such as raspberries, plums and watermelon.

When you decide to visit Banja Vrujci, be sure to visit the natural monument Ribnica cave, Struganik (birthplace of Serbian general Zivojin Misic, whose war tactics are studied at military academies across the world), the town of Valjevo and Tesnjar alley, Ravna Gora, the church in Mionica, mountain Divcibare, Rajac, and monasteries Lelic, Celije and Bogovadja.

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