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Bela Crkva town

Bela Crkva town

Bela Crkva, 96 km from Belgrade, is a little town in the south of Banat. With its beautiful countryside, old and picturesque facades and streets, parks and lakes, it is a genuine oasis for tourists. Being far from the hustle and bustle of big cities and speed of modern life, Bela Crkva offers its visitors refreshment, leisure and enjoyable holidays.

Mountain air, which comes from the Carpati Mountain, slopes, prevailing sunny days during a year, a home cuisine and a lot of other pleasures offer a real opportunity for refreshment and memorable holidays. Visitors are impressed with wonderful crystal clear lakes of which as many as six are good for swimming. You can decide whether to go to one of the lakes where you can find just wild beaches and natural surroundings, or preferable town beach with facilities - showers, cabins for change clothing, restaurants, ice-cream parlors, sports grounds, weight lifting, water polo sport, sailboats for rent.

The tourist spot Jezero is located by the town lake. It consists of five solid buildings (bungalows) with 55 beds in 1/2, 1/3 and APT (2/2). All the rooms and APT have their own entrance, a bathroom and a balcony. This facility also includes a restaurant with a balcony. In a hundred year old park, 200m away from there, the hotel Turist with 80 beds, a restaurant, a bowling alley, a tennis court, and a basketball playground is a particularly suitable spot for sports training and recreation as well. For those who are fond of camping there is a well-equipped car-camp to be found.

Bela Crkva, a well-known resort with its picturesque countryside, beautiful lakes, elaborate baroque facades, famous Flower Carnival held in summer, fruits and wines of high quality, attracts lots of tourists during the course of the summer season. Finally, since the town hasn't developed into an industrial area, there is no pollution, and consequently Bela Crkva is classified as an ecological town.

If you decide to visit Bela Crkva, you should certainly stop by the museum, which dates from 1877. Besides an archaeological collection, there you can find Bela Crkva paintings from XIX century. Since Bela Crkva surroundings are a real treasure, we are recommending to come and visit us by car or bicycle. The hills covered with orchards in the middle of flat Vojvodina, must be the most surprising and magnificent sight to everyone. Some rivers, which are at a close range, such as - The Danube, The Nera, The Karash, Danube -Tisa - Danube Canal, together with already mentioned lakes, are all real fishing spots and are even recommended for fishing. Catching BESSIE, the capital fish is a well-known manifestation held in summer every year in honor of a catfish of 200 kg. It weighs so much as far as fishermen stories go. We also recommend you to try some fish soup in one of the restaurants in Stara Palanka, which is located at the confluence of Danube - Tisa - Danube Canal, about 10 km from Bela Crkva.

If you want to visit the old Roman fortress Ram, you can take and enjoy a ferryboat ride. The Deliblato desert, a unique sandy terrain in Europe, lies within reach of 15 km from Bela Crkva. It is a popular outing and a well-known hunting ground, particularly for big games. Then, if you happen to have a passport on you, you can drop by to the ecological country of Romania which is in the closest vicinity - the border crossing being only 12 km away. Vrsac, a town that has wonderful sights and a lot to offer to visitors, is also quite close to Bela Crkva.

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