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Vršac town

Vršac town

The municipality of Vrsac is situated in the southeast of Banat, towards the Romanian border. Motorways and railroads that make the closest connection between Belgrade and Timisoara go through Vrsac. Besides, the road Vrsac - Kovin – Smederevo - or the highway E- 75 is also important.

The mountain of Vrsac that raises from the monotonous plain offers good conditions for recreation thanks to its mild and pleasant slopes. Misa, the upper part of the mountain, is located in the southern part of the massif. The Red Cross and the Wide Crest are the most famous picnic places in the municipality of Vrsac.

Archaeological sites in Vrsac, Vatin, Mesic and Oresac prove that this area was settled back during the Neolite. The monumental tower of Vrsac (from the 16th century) has been destroyed several times, but today it is restored. The most beautiful view of Banat stretches out from here. In the village Mesic there is a monastery from the 15th century, the center of Serbian spirituality in this part of Banat. The most important sights in the very town are:

The City Hall - consisting of three buildings, two in classical style, in other words in neogothic style, built in 1757. The Palace of Eparchy from the 18th century. Today it is the residence of Banat's bishops. The chapel with iconostasis, the library and the gallery of portraits of Vrsac's bishops.

The Pharmacy at stairs - the old pharmacy built in baroque style, where today is accommodated a collection of the National Museum.

Konkordija - built in classical style in 1847 and bought up in 1852 for needs of the St. Roka chapel, the oldest church in town. Among other objects in town, there are also the Orthodox cathedral and the monumental cathedral, built in pseudogothic style, with an impressive interior. Among the manifestations in Vrsac, the Festival of Vojvodina's folklorists and the Vrsac's picking of grapes really stand out . There is an airport within the Pilot School of JAT. An organized visit to this school center is possible.

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