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Sombor town

City house in Sombor City house in Sombor

Sombor is an old plain town, known for beautiful parks and rich greenery. Sombor is also the place of rich culture, political history and important sports tradition. The tourist attractions of Sombor are very rich fishing waters of the river Danube and its backwaters, as well as the best hunting grounds in forests from Bezdan to Apatin.

The municipality of Sombor is situated in the northwest of Backa. The river Danube separates this community from Croatia and in the north this community borders with Hungary. The community of Sombor is very well connected by regional roads which go from Backi Breg, Subotica, Novi Sad and Odzaci. Sombor is 175 km from Belgrade, and 220 km from Budapest.

In the very town that was first mentioned back in the 12th century, there are many interesting buildings and cultural institutions that eloquently speak about the rich history of this place. The most impressive is the building of the former District Seat from 1884. That has so many rooms as one year has days. The oldest building in Sombor is the so-called The Tower, the main building of the Turkish fortification, which is more then 420 years old. When you come to Sombor it is certainly worth to see the St. George church, built in baroque-rococo style. The church has an exceptionally valuable iconostasis, so that it has the status of a cultural monument. Among other buildings in the city nucleus and around it, it is necessary to mention the Historical Archives, the Town Museum, the Karlo Bjelicki Library, the Laza Kostic Serbian Reading Room of the National Theater and the Preparatory School Building. Inside the Town Museum is a permanent picture gallery of the famous painter Milan Konjevic.

The most popular picnic place is Sikara in the beautiful forest on the outskirts of the town.

It is impossible to imagine Sombor without tamboura players. The sound of tambouras and stories about old tamboura players could be heard here from the beginning. In that way remained a memory on Mika from Bereg who was made immortal in a song by Zvonko Bogdan, a singer born in Sombor, whose songs are nowadays sealed and characteristic for Vojvodina's plain.

The fiacre is a special trademark of Sombor, celebrated in songs of the town. Once there used to be as many as 70 of them, but today there is just one which is available to tourists. The coachman had work permits that could not be issued to a person of immoral conduct.

The most important manifestations:
1. Meetings of Photo and Film Amateurs - September (Exhibit of Photographs and Review of Films)
2. Sombor's Musical Festivity - October (they are of federal rank, they have over 50 participants and even over 1500 visitors; inside Sombor's Musical Festivity there are manifestations like opera arias, concerts of instrumentalists and members of the opera).

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