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Backa Palanka town

Backa Palanka Backa Palanka

Backa Palanka is situated on the bank of the river Danube in the southwest of Backa, 40 kilometres far away from Novi Sad. It is located by a relative busy regional road that goes along the south of Backa, from Novi Sad to Ilok. The river Danube is the greatest gift of nature to Backa Palanka.

There is the lake Tikvara that stretches on 500 ha. The complex Tikvara that offers different sports, recreation and entertaining contents is built next to the lake. On the territory of the community there is a great number of archaeological, ethnological and cultural monuments among which the most important are the archaeological locality near Celarevo, the so-called Avarian necropola and the old house in Nestin, a pearl of Serbian architecture from the first half of the XVIII century.

The Castle of Dundjerski, a masterpiece of former glamour, is also situated in Celarevo. Karadjordjevo is situated 10 kilometres northwestern from Backa Palanka. It is one of the most well-known and one of the biggest horse farms in Europe. There is also a well-known hunting ground with wonderful representatives of deer, moufllon, wild boar and feathery venison. The fishing areas of Karadjordjevo in the branches of the river Danube are rich in sheatfish, perch, carp and pike. Karadjordjevo represents a special natural reservation of II and III category. Karadjordjevo was, thanks to its beauty, a favorite picnic place of supreme statesmen and Josip Broz Tito in times of the old Yugoslavia.

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