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Ruma - Republic Festival of Tamboura Bands Ruma - Republic Festival of Tamboura Bands

The municipality of Ruma is situated in Srem, 65 km west of Belgrade and 35 km from Novi Sad. It is well connected with the transportation network. Ruma is 6 km from the E-70 motorway that connects Belgrade and Zagreb, and the main road which connects Vojvodina with Sarajevo and further on with Adriatic and has north-south direction, goes by Ruma.

Ruma also represents an important railroad station on the Belgrade-Zagreb line. The vicinity of the airport Nikola Tesla to Ruma is another special convenience.

During your visit to Ruma you shouldn't miss to see the Town Museum with its very valuable exhibits that conjure up life and history of people from Srem. The famous picnic place, the lake of Borkovac with all the objects for a pleasant stay is located near the town. The archaeological site Gomolava Hrtkovci dating from the late Paleolite or the young Neolite is located in this area as well. Besides that, there are also two well equipped hunting grounds Karakusa and Morovic in the municipality. In the vicinity of Ruma, the Bread Museum in Pecinci is located. There you can find out all the secrets of bakers' skills that have been developing for years in this area.

Ruma is a town with a great number of manifestations. These are: the Festival of Vojvodina's Musical Groups, the Republic Festival of Tamboura Bands, the Fine Colony Borkovac, the Great Spring Flower (the Festival of Amateur's Theatre), The May Day's Early Rising, Borkovac's Summer etc. The Hotel Ruma in the city center and the modern and well equipped motel MV Ruma on the motorway Belgrade-Zagreb represent the accommodations.

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