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Sremski Karlovci Town

Sremski Karlovci town center and the fountain Four lions Sremski Karlovci town center and the fountain Four lions

Sremski Karlovci is a small town by the Danube River and on the northern base of the Fruska Gora Mountain. It is only 12 km away from Novi Sad and about one hour drive from Belgrade. Many important events in the history of the Serbs and Europeans took place here.

The Turkish Empire and the Christian Alliance, formed by Austria, Venice and Poland at that time, made a treaty of peace here in 1699. The Chapel of Peace was built to remember the event. The nicest souvenir from Karlovci is a bottle of extraordinary wine for which the town famous for, especially for the Bermet dessert wine which is made of different herbal essences and seasonings. The wines can be tasted during the visits to one of the wine-cellars or during the visit to the Museum of Honey Production which is both included in the tour.

Sremski Karlovci is the town where took place the most important events in Vojvodina's region through history. In the very baroque nucleus, you can see a great number of historical buildings that charm with its appearance and also with its importance. There stand out the Lower church from 1718, the Upper church (1745), the Orthodox cathedral (1758-1762), the Catholic church (1765), the fountain Four lions built in the city square in honour of the completion of the construction of Karlovci's plumbing, the town hall (1811), the Chapel of piece (the new chapel was built in 1817 as a country monument), the Museum (the house of Rajacic built in 1891), the Grammar School (built on the place of an old one in 1891 serving the Monastery Studenica as an example), the Patriarchy (1894), the Theological boarding school (1901) and the palace Stefaneum (1903). Expect these, there are more buildings from the XVIII and XIX century in Sremski Karlovci among which stand out an old pharmacy and a house where once Branko Radicevic lived.

Strazilovo, a well-known picnic ground and the place where Branko Radicevic is buried, is situated in the neighbourhood of this historical town.

In the vicinity of Karlovci is the National park of Fruska Gora that, in addition to natural beauties, also hides 16 orthodox monasteries. The surroundings of Fruska Gora are beautified by vineyards that dominate the neighbourhood. Karlovci is famous for well-known wines that are even drunken in Amerika. Today in Vienna exists a protected name of rosé wine as Karlovci tovajn.

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