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Oplenac is towering above Topola, in the central Serbia, in Šumadia region. Oplenac is the place that used to be the center of the Serbian state at the beginning of the XIX century. Also, it is the place where Karadjordje Petrovic built his town and King Petar I Karadjordjevic chose for building his legacy.

At the top of Oplenac stands the Church of St. George and the mausoleum of the Karađorđević dynasty. King Petar I decided to build a church and a mausoleum for both his ancestors and descendants to fulfil a wish of his parents. The Church of St. George, mausoleum of the Royal family Karadjordjevic, built in the period from 1910 to 1912. Amazing interior of the temple is decorated with 40 million glassy pieces and 15000 different shades of color. Inside the crypt were buried 22 members of the Royal family. Peter’s house, built in 1912. with an intention to serve as the house for a priest.  Today, it is a theme galery with exibitions dedicated to the Royal family. Near the house of King Peter are King’s vila and Queen Mary’s vila, buildings in which today members of the Foundation Karadjordjević spend time occasionally. Winegrower’s house dates from 1911. In the time of the rule of Karadjordjević Dynasty it was a house for the supreintendant of the Royal vineyards. Today it is a gallery with different exhibitions, among which is also the legacy of famous Serbian painter Nikola Graovac, who spent the part of his life in Topola.

Excursion to Oplenac and Topola includes a visit to the wine-cellar of the Aleksandrovic family. Their wines are made according to royal recipes which keeps the tradition of making top quality wines possible.

Visit Oplenac and Topola, places rich in historical monuments, places where good Serbian hosts will wish you warm welcome, in the way that only they know. We recommended you to visit Oplenac in October, during Oplenac Vintage, the manifestation that celebrates best wines and grapes.

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