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Through the history of the Serbs, Takovo was the centre of important events. It is in this village that, under the leadership of Miloš Obrenović, started the Second Serbian Uprising against the Turks.

Takovo is a small village in Šumadija (part of Serbia), situated 9 km from Gornji Milanovac. Many monuments describe this historic event to today's visitor of Takovo. Memorial Museum of the Takovo Uprising holds rich exhibits of which several should be noted: oil on canvas by famous Serbian painter Paja Jovanovic where he presented the Second Serbian Uprising and the gown of the Prince Milos Obrenovic. Wooden Church dates from the 1795th and is known as the place where the rebels gave oath to loyalty and announced the beginning of the fight. Uprising Monument from 1887th displays Prince Milos Obrenovic and Archimandrite Milentije Pavlovic. Nearby, stood the legendary "Takovski bush" under which the rebellious leaders had met for the last time. The remains of the bush are kept in the museum in Takovo.

Tourists have the opportunity to visit Savinac, a small village just 3 km from Takovo. In this place Prince Milos built The Church of St. Sava in 1818th, which represented the first church built out of stone in liberated Serbia. This is the tomb church of Miloš wife`s family, and Mina Vukomanović - Karadžić, daughter of Vuk Karadzic, language scholar and the father of Serbian folk-literature scholarship, who, reforming the Cyrillic alphabet created one of the simplest and most logical spelling systems.

Come to Takovo, get a glance of how Serbs lived in the past times, feel the spirit of history and the charm of old wooden houses. Enjoy in endless walks, agricultural works and the collecting of medicinal herbs!

We recommend accommodation in Gornji Milanovac. While staying in one of households, you can enjoy in traditional culinary specialities of Šumadija.

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