Vinča - archaeological site Vinča - archaeological site

In the village of Vinča on the coast of Danube, 14 km from Belgrade, is the world famous archaeological site and museum of Vinca culture about 7500 years old. Vinča is the largest excavated Neolithic settlement in Europe.

The site is also called Belo Brdo (White Hill) for bright colors of natural terrace which is located on. The oldest finds date from the older Neolithic period from 5500 BC. In Vinča are found remains of houses, weapons and tools made of bone, horn and stone, jewelry made out of shells, and various plastics in the form of statues. Based on these items, started the reconstruction of life and culture of Vinča in the southeastern part of Europe. Rich metropolis used to be located in this place and the name itself is linked to Vinče Center Neolithic culture in Europe. The intersection of cultural layers of over 10 meters is a witness to the shining rise of a culture which in the Neolithic age reached its highest range. Visit Belgrade and visit Vinča. Find accommodation in Belgrade. Accommodation is varied but primarily suitable for different types of tourists. At your disposal 50 hotels ranging up to 5 *, which are suitable for both - business people and also for individuals and organized groups

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