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Knić i Gruža

Gruža lake near Knić Gruža lake near Knić

Numerous historical monuments, fertile plains, rolling hills and hospitable and friendly people are what characterizes Knić and Gruža, and the entire southern Šumadija. Meet the most picturesque part of Šumadija!

Knić is a municipality located 20 km from Kragujevac. It is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains Rudnik, Kotlenik and Gledićke mountains. It is situated on the territory of Gruža.

What makes this area known are traditional costumes, customs, folklore and culture of people. Rural tourism is especially developed In the Gruža region. Visitors have the opportunity to be involved in the interesting field work, preparation winter preserves and to engage in other easier jobs. In the lower course of the river Gruža lies Gružansko lake, known for its wide open spaces, numerous species of fish and the banks affordable. During the visit Gruža tourists can visit a little old village of Borač. Borač is located at 10 km from the west coast of Gruža river. Borački crest, group of pointed rocks that rise abruptly from slightly relief is what makes this area special. If you are lucky you may see some of the eagles that often overfly this region.

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