Jagodina Jagodina

Jagodina is city in Šumadija, located on highway E-75 and convenient for transit tourism, and offers rich history and tradition, but is now best known for the unique Aqua Park, Museum of wax figures, giraffes from the Zoo and its enterprising mayor.

City of Jagodina is in central Serbia, in the mid section of Pomoravlje, on the river Belica. Distance from Belgrade to Jagodina is 156 km, and to Kragujevac 62 km. Jagodina lies in a fertile basin surrounded by Gledićke mountains, Juhor and Crni Vrh. Motorway E-75 passes close to Jagodina, but there is a railway which runs through the city itself, connecting middle and central Europe with Asia.

First written document of existence of the city dates from XIV century. Princess Milica wrote the Letter, mentioning a sovereign palace on top of the Djurdjevo brdo next to the city. In the XV century, Jagodina falls under the jurisdiction of Turkey, and becomes an important trade center. Four centuries after, the Turks are banished, and the city blossoms in political, economical and cultural aspect.

Today, Jagodina is a modern industrial city. Many of the archeological finds are presented in Jagodina’s Zavičajni museum. Museum of Naive Art, founded in 1960. is famous for its unique nature. Collection of art paintings holds more than 2500 works and is assorted amongst the most important collections of naive art in the world. Eminent figures from Serbian history, culture, science and sport have their models in the Museum of waxed figures. Other historian and cultural sights of Jagodina are Quarters of Hajduk Veljko, Temple of saint archangel Michael built by prince Milos, Synod church of saint Peter and Paul. Thanks to the mayor of the city, Jagodina has a unique Aqua Park, Zoo, and renovated park Potok – Djurdjevo brdo. Cultural events worth seeing are „Days of comedy“, „Musical Autumn“, as well as „The Octobar fair of Naive“. Near the city of Jagodina is a famous monastery of Josanica, which was founded by prince Lazar.

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