Niš fortress Niš fortress

Located at an important crossroads, Nis had to take care of its tourist offer, so that in the 1970s and 1980s numerous motels were built. Economic growth and numerous cultural and athletic events required that a hotel in the town core be constructed. This is today Ambassador Hotel, one of the symbols of the city.

The promotion of tourist offer in the city and its vicinity, development of business and conference tourism, and improved transit through Serbia have resulted in the opening of a number of modern hotels in Nis. Today, the city offers several hotels – from luxurious to budget ones – and numerous hostels and boarding houses for overnight stay. See our offer of Hotels in Nis...

The tradition of good meals, even better hosts, and the best fun is what most tourists will remember Nis by. Numerous restaurants, café bars and discotheques offer entertainment which extends long into the night. As for menus, the national cuisine and excellent Nis barbecue prevail, but international specialties are also offered.

During your stay in Nis do not miss the genuine Nis breakfast – burek, with or without yoghurt. It will please your senses and give you enough energy to start the day. The city has dedicated an entire yearly event to this meal so that in late August and early September you may find excellent burek in one location, during the three-day “Burek Days”.

Numerous festivals, cultural and athletic events will make your experience of Nis complete, whether you prefer extreme sports, jazz music, or the national film.

Music festival - Goran Bregovic in Nis Nis night life

Airport Nis - Constantin The Great

Airport Nis - Constantine The GreatAirport Niš was reopened on 12th October 2003. During 2004, “JAT Airways” and “Montenegro Airlines” organised flights from Niš to Zurich, Paris, and Tivat. In the period from 2004 until 2007, the number of passengers who arrived and departed Airport Niš was constantly growing, which was in accordance with the rate of development defined by the Business Plan of Airport. Now days there are flights from Nis to Klagenfurt, Podgorica and Forli. There are also connecting flights from Podgorica to Belgrade, and trains and buses from Nis to Belgrade.


The archeological site Mediana is located on what was once the Roman road “Via militaris”, today the road E-80 (Nis-Sofia). The estate occupies 40 hectares, and exhibits the remains of a granary, craft centre, villas , thermae, and the remains of ancient villa with peristyle with rich mosaics. Most mosaics exhibit geometrical or floral motifs, while two mosaics presenting figures - the head of the Medusa and a semi-prostrate figure of a river deity (probably Neptune).  The museum, located on the estate, contains sculptures and portraits of Roman gods and goddesses, utensils for daily use (bowls, pitchers, lamps) and remnants of lead pipes used to provide healing hot water from the nearby Niska Banja (Nis Spa). Some coins and utensils from Mediana are now available in the Archeological Hall of Nis National Museum.

Nis Fortress Mediana

The Fortress

Nis Fortress is located in the core of the city, on the bank of the Nisava river. It is one of the best preserved and most beautiful medieval fortresses in central Balkans. It was pulled down and restored a number of times, by the Romans, over the Byzantines, Slavs, Bulgarians, and Serbs. Its assumed its final shape in 1723, when the Turks built it, facing the end of their reign in this area. Its construction required that over 40 stonecutters from Constantinople and around 400 bricklayers from Nis and around be hired. The stone was brought over from the nearby villages, and, toward the end of the construction there was a lot of hurry to secure this strategically important spot, so that anything suitable from within the Fortress was used as construction material: tombstones, columns and numerous architectural elements of the earlier Roman and Byzantine fortifications. The Fortress covers 22 hectares, its walls are 2,100 meters long, 8 meters high, and, on average, 3 meters wide. From the outside, the Fortress was surrounded by a water-filled ditch, whose northern part remains visible today.

The Skull Tower

The Skull TowerThe Skull Tower monument, unique in the world, was built after the Battle of Cegar. In the words of “a Serbian hajji from Nis”, the Turks prepared the construction of the tower made of skulls. When Hursid Pasha of Nis realized that, even though the post at Cegar hill had been taken, the battle and the explosion resulted in 3,000 dead Serbs and at least twice that many dead Turks, he ordered that the heads of the Serb victims be collected, skinned, and that the skulls be built into the tower. The heads were stuffed with cotton and sent to Constantinople.

This horrific monument was built along the road to Constantinople, as a warning to anyone rising against the Ottoman Empire. A mid 19th century written document reads that the tower was rectangular, 4.5 meters wide and 4 meters long, that on all four sides there was a total of 56 rows, with 17 skulls in each row, totaling 952 skulls. In time most skulls were taken or missing, so that today the tower has only 58 skulls.

Sports and Recreation

Nis is a city cherishing tradition in numerous sports, so that in the town proper a few activities for sport and recreation are available. The vicinity of the city, with its exquisite natural attractions, will satisfy even the most demanding fans of extreme sports.

In the summer months, a few outdoor swimming pools are available: Cair pool, in the central city zone, Vrezina pool in the quarter of Donja Vrezina, Hotel Nais pool, along the highway Nis-Belgrade.

Before and after the summer season, the indoor swimming pool Cair or the thermal water swimming pool in Radon Hotel, Niska Banja, are available.
•    Indoor and outdoor tennis courts: next to the Fortress, in Cair park, in St. Sava Park and in Durlan.

Nis 4x4 Nis Burekijada Nis paprika

Off road 4 x 4

Via militaris (4X4) is a sport and adventure program, intended for owners of all-terrain vehicles, lovers of nature and excitement. The program is part of the city patron saint day celebration entitled “Days of St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen” and contains segments of adventure, staged show, and sport. In terms of adventure and staged show, the program involves the participants' ride in all-terrain vehicles along old military roads. The part listed as 'sport' includes a ride over extremely difficult terrain, various kinds of surface, including wet and muddy ground, along forest roads covered with thick layers of humus and leaves, all the way to hard rocky tracks. Such a program requires functional and reliable terrain vehicles with very experienced drivers.

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