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Niska Banja - Nis Spa

Nis Spa Nis Spa

Niska Banja (Nis Spa) is located 10 km away from Nis on the road to Sofia. It is situated in the southern part of Nis valley, under the forest covered Koritnik, the 808 meter high final slope of Mt. Suva Planina.

Surrounded by Svrljig Mountains and Svrljig Gorge in the north, and open air in the east and the west, the Spa bathes in the sun throughout the day. The study of the density of sinter deposits, which originally created the terraces in the spa, reveals that the wellspring of Niska Banja has been active for 26,000 years. During the construction of new baths, metal coins were found from the period of Hadrian, the Roman emperor who reigned from AD 117 to 138. This confirms that the first bath in Niska Banja was built in the 2nd century. After a long period of stagnation, the spa was mentioned again in the period of Turkish rule. A legend reads: “A horse owned by a pasha from Nis got sick, so the pasha gave it to a Tatar from near Banja to take care of. The horse drank water from the spring,  lay in the mud and healed”. And so, the Turks realized the benefits of Niska Banja and its water. King Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic also had his villa here. Excited about the water from Banja, the king issued a special decree: every two days, his subjects filled pitchers with the thermal water and took them to Belgrade to the king.

Niska Banja Niska Banja

Medically, Niska Banja has a mild, sedative climate, very good for convalescents. This is partly due to the mild vegetation on Koritnik.

Niska Banja has about 50 trained medical professionals always available to the patients during their stay. Everything here is subordinated to the patient or guest.

Disorders treated in Niska Banja:
•    Locomotor disorders;
•    Respiratory disorders;
•    Neurological illnesses;
•    Metabolic diseases;
•    Cardiovascular disorders;
•    Gynecological diseases.

Apart from treatment, Niska Banja also offers wellness and spa programs helping your body and soul establish harmony and reduce stress. You may choose relaxation through a number of programs: anti-age, anti-stress, happy weekend and anti-cellulite. Packages are also available which include massage, jacuzzi with thermal water, aromatic baths, Finnish and vibro-saunas, and cosmetic treatment.

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