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Đavolja varoš - Devil's town

Đavolja varoš - Devil's town Đavolja varoš - Devil's town

Đavolja varoš, (Devil’s town), a nature park, was nominated for the election of the “New 7 Wonders of Nature." It is located in southern Serbia, on the Radan mountain slopes, 288 km from Belgrade and 89 km from Niš.

This unique monument is a true miracle of nature consisting of clay figures which have a total of 202 and two sources of highly acidic water, "Crveno vrelo” (Red hot) and "Đavolja voda” (Devil's Water). Mysticism and mystery, the sound effects of wind, strange natural phenomena have caused the locals to give to the site name "Devil's town" and make up various stories and legends.

According to one legend, the town was made by the devils out of destroyed churches, whose foundations are in the vicinity of the town. According to another legend, the devils wanted to marry a brother and sister and to prevent the sin, some higher force petrified them forever. The third story is about two columns of wedding guests who went for the same girl in the same church, and it is the same force that petrified them. This geomorphologic phenomenon is unique in our country and very rare in the world. In Europe there are similar occurrences in the Alps, while in America known as "Garden of gods." However, in Đavolja varoš , the towers are numerous, larger dimensions and much more stable. Another miracle of nature is nearby Prolom Spa, located near Devil's town. The Spa is located near the church dedicated to the Prince Lazar, and interesting because of the plums that grow next to it and are always enrolling in the same direction.

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