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Raška and Ibar valley

Raska and Ibar valley

Vrnjci Spa, the biggest tourist center in country, and Kopaonik, the most famous winter mountain in Serbia and monasteries in Ibar valley are the greatest attraction of this region. ... Full story

Monastery Mileseva

Monastery Mileseva, placed in the valley of Mileseva river, was named after this river. Monastery was raised by King Vladislav, the son of King Stefan Prvovencani. ... Full story

Monastery Sopocani

Monastery Sopocani is situated 15km far from Novi Pazar. The exact name of the construction is unknown, as the sign in the dome is destroyed on the place where the year of the construction is written. ... Full story

Monastery Gradac

Monastery Gradac is around 21km far from Raska, placed on the wooden slopes of Golija Mountain. The exact year of the monastery establishment is unknown, but it is considered that the construction works were finished at the end of the XIII century. ... Full story

Monastery Zica

Monastery Zica is located in village Krusevica, between Kraljevo and Mataruska Spa. Monastery is an endowment of Stefan Prvovencani, and considered as the seat of Serbian Medieval State. ... Full story

Monastery Studenica

In year 1986, Monastery Studenica was proclaimed as a protected monument and was included on a list of World Culture and Natural Herritage of UNESCO. This is one of the most important monuments of Byzantium and Serbian art. ... Full story

Maglic fortress

Maglic is the best preserved medieval town in Serbia. It is surrounded with Ibar River from three sides and has irregular shape. The most beautiful part presents three joined towers on the west side, that offers a great view on the valley and the river. ... Full story


Kopaonik is famous as a mountain covered with snow for 7 months in year, and also presents the main ski center in Serbia. ... Full story

Vrnjci Spa

Vrnjci Spa is located in the central part of Serbia, on wooded hills of Goc Mountain. The surrounding of Vrnjacka Spa is rich with preserved natural beauties, and presents the exceptional rich treasury of cultural-historic monuments. ... Full story

Novi Pazar and Raska region

Novi Pazar, town located on Raska river, in Raska region, presents economic and culture center of Sandzak. It is located on the part of the old part of the road that leads to Podgorica and Adriatic sea, over Ibarska highway. ... Full story

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