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Kosovo and Metohija

Kosovo and Metohija

Province of Kosovo and Metohija, currently under UN/EU administration, with its population of nearly 2 million people and covering an area of 10900 km2, still is waiting to be discovered by the tourists. Multiethnic society, rich historical heritage and wonderful natural sites are guarantee for brand new attraction on the tourism map of Europe. ... Full story


Priština is the largest city in Kosovo and Metohija, the southern Serbian province where ethnic Albanians, in February 2008 self proclaimed independence. Priština shares the fate of the whole Kosovo and Metohija. ... Full story


City of Prizren is the second biggest in the Province of Kosovo and Metohija, with population nearly of 200.000. There are the records of human settlements dating back to the ancient times, when Illyrian tribes lived before the Roman conquered this area and established Theranda, now known as Prizren. ... Full story

National Park of Šar Mountain

Šar mountain is grandiose Central Balkan range, in the most southern part along the Serbian border with Macedonia and extends to the length of 85 km. Includes National Park with the same name which is known as highmountain endemism and untouched nature. ... Full story


Brezovica is a famous tourist center located at the Šar Mountain in southern Serbia. This is a sports and recreation complex, which is located at altitude of 900 to 2500 meters. This high-mountain ambient are decorated by the thick forest, meadows and vast wealth of sources and surface water. ... Full story


Gazimestan is located about 5 km northwest of Priština. It represents the plateau on which the battle of Kosovo took place in 1389, in which the Serbian army stopped the further progress of Ottoman to the Europe. ... Full story

Pećka Patrijaršija

In the monastery are four churches from different periods, and their mutual parvis. Here was the centuries-old seat of the Serbian archbishops and patriarchs, so this is one of the most important monuments of Serbian past. ... Full story


The monastery was built from 1327 - 35 year. The main temple builder was Fra Vita from Kotor. Founders of this imposing church are the king Stefan Dechanski and his son, Dusan the emperor. In the monastery was built hospital for monks. ... Full story

Bogorodica Ljeviška

Bogorodica Ljeviška temple was built in 1307. on the foundations of the older churches. This Prizren church is one in a series of forty endowment of St. Milutin. Bogorodica Ljeviska is the first grated monument built in the spirit of Byzantine architecture. ... Full story

Đurđevi Stupovi

The monastery was built in 1170 -74 as the foundation of Stefan Nemanja. By the legacy, he built the temple in the honor of St. Djordje as gratitude for releasing him from the cave - the prison in which the brothers captured him. ... Full story

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