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National Park of Šar Mountain

Šar Mountain Šar Mountain

Šar mountain is grandiose Central Balkan range, in the most southern part along the Serbian border with Macedonia and extends to the length of 85 km. Includes National Park with the same name which is known as highmountain endemism and untouched nature.

On the surface of the NP, which includes 39 000 ha, are dominated glacial relief forms, and here are located almost 70 glacial lakes known as the "mountain eyes". Geological, morphological and climate diversity influenced on the richness of flora and fauna.

National Park is the habitat of about 2000 plant species, that make 56% of the entire flora of Serbia. Šar Mountain is one of the most important sites of European high-mountain endemism.

With 147 species of day butterflies, this vast range is the richest area of this kind in the whole Europe. There are 17 sites which have the status of the reserve.

Rich cultural and historical heritage has special importance for the Serbian history. There are many monasteries, medieval fortresses, settlements and graves. Because of this significant and unique natural and cultural heritage, this area is proposed for the international protection of UNESCO.

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