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Brestovacka Spa

Brestovacka Spa Brestovacka Spa

Brestovacka Spa is located about 12km from Bor. It has 10 springs which are rather weak, but their temperature is between 32 and 41°C. The spa was popular even during the Romans, it was used by the Turks, and its healing properties were used by the duke Milos Obrenovic and the baron Herder.

A special treat in the spa represent many old spa objects, which are under the law protection since the 1949 and were renovated many times since then. There are localities which were used as huge baths and pools with the healthy spa water during the Romans and there are also many remains of jewels, coins and other objects which were used at that time. All of the objects are now located in Bor, in the Museum of Mining.

The oldest object in the spa are the three Turkish baths. There are two hotels which used to be taverns for the visitors - Srpska Kruna and Dom Odmora, which were built by the duke Milos. There is also a castle of Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, which was built in 1856. It is a building similar to the city buildings of that period - it has two floors and manifestation similar to the ones held at the European castles were held there.

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