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Top 10 Things to See (and Do) in Belgrade

In Belgrade - as was once in Samuel Johnson’s London - there is all life can afford. The only thing is that you need to find it and that might not be as easy as it seems. The city is known for its bustling day- and nightlife as well as for its easy going and unpretentious atmosphere but there are also some striking sights around. Here’s our selection of things you shouldn’t miss during your stay. ... Full story

Night life in Belgrade

Belgrade has a very diverse night-life, the multitude of restaurants, bars and clubs in the Skadarlija quarter, as well as the many raft clubs ond the Danube and Sava rivers and its population which is always eager to party. This is just one part of why Belgrade is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination (in addition to nightlife, we must mention its stunding beauty and warm and friendly residents). ... Full story


Belgrade is situated on the crossroad between East and West Europe, on the river mouth of Sava and Danube. Belgrade city is declared from European ... Full story

Belgrade - Capital city of Serbia

One of the oldest cities in Europe that has existed for almost twenty one centuries now. It has been the Serbian capital town for 6 ... Full story

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