Belgrade is situated on the crossroad between East and West Europe, on the river mouth of Sava and Danube. Belgrade city is declared from European Union for city of the future of South-Eastern Europe, but it can be said that it is city of the past because it is inhabited in 7th millennium! It is unique by it’s atmosphere and a blend of architecture, cultural heritage and people. Belgrade is always active, day and night, and hedonism is present in all aspects of life. It is the only European capital that lies on two great rivers, so numerous restaurants, bars and clubs on rafts are excellent way to enjoy in Belgrade from water, day and night, seven days a week! Belgrade is simply unique . There is no such place in the whole world where passion and European elegance are so naturally connected. Always on the road of war, expeditions from East to West and vice versa, so many times demolished and raised. Belgrade is, according to British encyclopedia of cities, a city with the most battles in the world-115, and the city which is the most times being destructed and restored.

 It doesn’t have a style continuity and elegance similar to the European metropolis, and because of that the tourists that search good entertainment, domestic and international specialties will be satisfied with everything that they will find in this city that never sleeps. The fact that Belgrade has always been one of the safest capitals of Europe allows you to move freely in the city no matter if it is day or night.

Knez Mihajlova Terazijska cesma River Sava Kalemegdan fortress

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