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An active Holiday on the Tara Mountain

Tara Tara

An especially attractive programs we offer to small groups from 8 to 16 people is the 7-14 days programs of active holiday at the Tara Mountains. It is different from the active holiday programs offered at Zlatibor because this is designed for adventures.

Exciting walking trough the canyon, mountain biking, boating on the lake, fly fishing, rafting and photo safari of wildlife. Animal lovers may see bears, wolves, chamois, lambs, martens and eagles on their walks. Tours to inviting local sight may include monasteries, scenic view, “Sarganska Osmica” Railroad and visit to the village of Kremno from which famous Serbian prophets of the Tarabic Family also called the Serbian Nostradamus.

Tara is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, clad in dense, well preserved forests of fir, brushwood, beech and pine tree with over 1000 herbal species. The average spot for athletes. It is possible to spend the night in mountain houses or cabin.

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