Hunting in Serbia

Hunting in Serbia

Hunting areas in Serbia are ranked between the most famous in Europe. Natural potentials for breeding almost all venery species are suitable, which is verified with numerous high level trophies, world and European leaders breaded in our hunting areas. Serbia has 321 hunting areas on about 6.500.000 ha.

Hunting Serbian association determine prices of veneries, upon which hunting organizations and travel agencies specialized for hunting tourism, are forming arrangements, that includes transfer, accommodation and services in hunting area.

The Karadjordjevo Hunting Ground lies 140 km north-west of Belgrade and it spreads on 6,914 hectares along the Danube bank. It used to be the best-known Serbian hunting ground for kings, princes and other nobility and now it is owned by the Karadjordjevo Military Establishment. It has served in the last half a century as a representative hunting ground for statesmen, high ranking military officials and prominent businessmen from all parts of the world. Its gates are wide open to hunters and tourists throughout the year.

The picturesque landscape with the centers old oak and acacia woods, the many marshes, the abundance in various flora and fauna species and the long distance from the nearest settlements allow the hunters to enjoy the charms of untouched surroundings.

The following game is available in the Karadjordjevo Hunting Ground: red deer, fallow deer, white tailed deer, wild boar, roe deer, badger, hare, mouflon, pheasant, wild goose, wild duck... The wealth involved is also illustrated by the following facts: in the fifty years of its existence, this hunting ground has registered superb trophies, including 242 points in case of mouflon (world champion), 24 points in case of badger (world champion), 210 points in case of fallow deer, 419 points in case of American deer (Yugoslav champion), 232 points in case of marsh deer and 137 points in case of wild boar.

Horse-drawn carriages, sledges, boats, off-the-road motor vehicles and other hunting/tourist equipment are available to the hunters visiting this hunting ground. What is also available to them are highly comfortable accommodation facilities, including the luxury class Dijana country house and Vranjak bungalows, where exclusive meals and beverages are prepared and served, the ingredients of which are raised/grown by the Karadjordjevo Military Establishment.

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