Cave explorating

Cave explorating

There are a few who with certainty can tell how many caves are in Serbia, and the numbers of those that are explored are not large. Classic cave tours are included visiting of few most popular: Resavska, Rajkova i Zlotska in eastern Serbia and Potpecka near Zlatibor Mountain. But there are more than 150 unexplored caves that waits to bee explored.

There are many caves in Serbia but only a few are well explored. Visits to caves can be incorporated into some general tours and in such only caves suitable for the tourist exploration are recommended.

Independent tours of two or more days may include more adventures cave exploration not offered to ordinary tourists. Such expeditions are mostly organized in East Serbia where there are approximately 150 caves. Ordinary cave tours include the cave of Resavska Pecina in east Serbia and Potpecka Pecina near the Zlatibor Mountain.

The weekend programs includes a transfer to the cave site with an accompanying visit of some cultural and historical sites and extraordinary natural attractions during the morning and in the afternoon short lecture and video presentation will be held. In the evening caving experiences will be shared. The second day is for caving. The length and the difficulty of caving can be arranged individually. Longer tours may include one cave or more. During the visit our guests are accommodated in the nearest tourist center as the guest's desires. It is not necessary to be an expert in caving or to have special physical condition for those tours. They are organized and guided by two skilled speleologists. The group cannot except 14 persons. All technical, speleological, camping and other equipment necessary will be provided.

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