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Birdwatching in Serbia

If you are nature admirer we recommend you the more popular bird watching or bird observes. Over 370 bird species from which some are real rarity, hidden in untouchable nature, are waiting for you. So, prepare your digital camera and go hunting – for good pictures. ... Full story

Fruska Gora (mountain ridge)

This national park protects a picturesque ridge of hills that extend 78 kilometers west from south of Novi Sad towards the Croatian border. In prehistoric times the hills were an island in the Pannonian Sea which covered the whole of northern Serbia. They also have a rich cultural history: no fewer than 16 orthodox monasteries are located here, and traditional farmsteads (Salas) provide a hearty welcome to visitors. ... Full story

Gornje Podunavlje (flooded forest, Upper Danube)

This Special Nature Reserve comprises the Serbian portion of an international wetland wilderness that extends over the borders into neighboring Croatia and Hungary. The whole vast complex represent one of the finest birding and wildlife areas in Europe. It comprises oak, willow and poplar forest on alluvial soil with numerous seasonal pools. ... Full story

Deliblatska pescara (Deliblato Sands)

This unique wilderness comprises 33,00 hectares of steppe and mixed forest growing on the largest area of sand in Europe, once part of a vast prehistoric desert. It is bordered by Danube, Tamis and Karas rivers and includes extensive flooded wetlands along the Danube. The region is famed for its degree of endemism, including many unique plants, reptiles and insects. ... Full story

Carska Bara (and surrounding fishponds)

This well-known bird sanctuary east of Novi Sad receives special protection as a Ramsar site. 260 species have been recorded here. The reserve consist of flooded forest with large seasonal pools and extensive reed beds (the largest in Serbia), fringed with willow and poplar woodland. ... Full story

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