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All Kusturica’s cities!

Emir Kusturica Emir Kusturica

Our famous director began with „life project“, when he was recording the movie „Life is a Miracle“, and then he made the hole city – Drvengrad. He continued with the revival of Višegrad by building the Kamengrad (The City of Stone). In the future, there is a big possibility for another city by Kusturica – Kraljevgrad (The City by King).

The testimony of former mountain building!

Between the Zlatibor and Tara, on the hill Mećavnik, is nestled a village Drvengrad – a small town built of logs from Zlatibor’s and Tara’s conifers.

In Drvengrad you will have opportunity to meet traditional style of life in Zlatibor. There are built 22 objects. You can walk along the streets of Bruce Lee, Federico Felini, Jim Jarmusch, Jean Vigo, the square of Nikola Tesla or Diego Maradona. You will be attracted to small wooden church dedicated to St. Sava.  Try out various delicacies for which this region famous is in the restaurant of s of Visconti or Lotika, drink coffee in cafe Prokleta avlija (Damned Yard) or try a slice of cake in the pastry shop Ćorkan. What else you can see? Library “Ivo Andrić”, gallery “Macola” (with souvenirs, wines, teas and artistic handcrafts), Cinema “Stanley Kubrick”, a gym, a swimming pool... all this in the city hidden in magical beauty of nature of Užice region.

Drvengrad has the status of a town-hotel (as St. Stefan in Montenegro) with four stars.

Why is it such a magical place? First of all, because of Mokra gora and Šargan Eight - the narrowest railway in Europe, that will take you over 5 bridges and 20 tunnels. It is in the vicinity of Zlatibor, Čajetina (known for its excellent ham), Tara, Zaovine Lake, Stopića cave, Kremna village famous for the Serbian “prophets” Tarabić.

After the city of wood, comes the city of stone!

Kusturica builds also the city of stone with the beautiful view on Višegrad Bridge, with the help of the Municipality of Višegrad. Medieval town of stone is inspired by the characters and works of Ivo Andrić, whose statue is located at the central square. Kamengrad or Andrić’s town is not fully completed, but already is possible to see its architectural features: a mix of different eras and styles that were alternated throughout the history of this area: Byzantine style, the Ottoman period, the Renaissance, Classicism.

During the walk through the main street – promenade, visitors will able to go back to the past through cultural facilities: Renaissance Theatre – a replica of a medieval monastery Dečani, Museum of Ivo Andrić, galleries. There are also special tourist facilities: a replica of the hotel Ritz from Paris, 2 hostels, Caravanserais and Byzantine palace.

In Andrić town, on an area of 14.000 square meters, there will be also the Institute of Ivo Andrić with the centre for Slavic studies, Academy of fine arts, the building of Municipality and consulate, marina, heliport and craft shops... and much more, that should make from Višegrad a junction of the world, as it was in the literature.

The town in the valley that kings loved!

After magical Drvengrad and amazing Andrić’s town, there is a plan for building medieval town, between Monastery Žiča (where Serbian kings were crowned) and Monastery Studenica (Monument of Byzantine and Serbian art), nearby the medieval fortress Maglič, in the Ibar gorge.

Emir Kusturica, as it was announced, will support also this project financially. It is expected the building of replica of old Serbian medieval town, which will have the all architectural elements of medieval town, and also contemporary content of life of interest for religious, health or youth tourism.

Kraljevgrad (King’s town) could be built on an area of about 4 ha, like a town with two squares, surrounded by towers as in Middle Age, and it should give a clearer picture of that era, that is mostly presents in poetry and books. Prince’s Palace, weapons and tools from the Middle Age wil be the part of touristic offer.

In the vicinity there is a lot more to see: the town Kraljevo, Monasteries Studenica, Gradac. There are four beautiful mountains and also river Ibar, great for rafting.

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