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Vojvodina - Unique in Europe

Vojvodina - Unique in Europe

Many different nations, languages, religions and cultural models of Vojvodina make it as it as it is -unique in Europe. Like nowhere else in Europe, in such a small region live even 25 different nationalities, with 6 languages in official use.

Vojvodina is a symbol for a multiculturalism. There are used different alphabets: Serbian (Cyrillic, Latin), Latin Hungarian, Slovak Latin,Latin Croatian, Romanian Latin, Cyrillic Ruthenian. All the different ethnic communities make a third of the population in Vojvodina.

Hungarians, Slovaks, Croats, Romanians, Gypsies, Bunjevci, Russians, Macedonians, Ukrainians live together in diversity that nurturesevery one of them. They keep their culture, customs, gastronomy, folklore and old crafts from the oblivion wishing to preserve theirnational identity. Their wealth of diversity make this region unique and unrepeatable.
The great example for multiculturalism and for the existence and development of diversity is the village nearby Zrenjanin, Belo Blato, which has about 1400 inhabitants. In the village primary school pupils learn three languages - Serbian, Hungarian and Slovak. The most of the inhabitants (in the village live Slovaks, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Serbs and 16 other nations) speak all the three languages.

Project of Wealth of Diversity

Project "Wealth of Diversity" pointed out the importance of meeting the different cultures and different nations, which have contributed to this wealth we have today. It is the real value of this area and our unique tourism product. Within this project all villages were invited to run for its promotion. 45 villages from Vojvodina and 5 from Eastern Serbia were applied, and 14 from them have been selected as being best prepared to receive groups of tourists and to have their services promoted. This project gave them opportunity to present their local produce, gastronomy, folklore, cultural heritage, old crafts and skills, to the tourists who are looking for a unique experience and adventure, fresh undiscovered landscapes, scents of forests and fields. Tourists have opportunity to meet people who live in these villages and hear their authentic stories. 

We take you to Multicultural tour of Vojvodina, the unique journey where you will see all the wealth, and all the beauty of Serbian villages. 

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