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The celebration of 1700 years of Christianity freedom

Edict of Milan Edict of Milan

In the year of 2013. in Serbia, with appropriate events, performances and exhibition, we are celebrating the proclaiming of Edict of Milan – document that has a significiant value for Christianity. With this document the persecution of Christians has stoped, they become able to profess their religion and religious equality was given.


This first act of tolerance in the history of civilization was broutgh by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, who was born in Niš,  the one of the oldest cities on Balkans, known for its great people, excellnet food and monumental Niš Fortress. This fortress, and others fortifications along the Danube, are just a small part of the rich cultural heritage of Serbia. Serbia is the homeland of Roman emperors. With us, you can walk through the paths of the Roman emperors and be able to see the famous archaeological site Medijana, Diana Fortress, Trajan Table,  Golubac Fortress, Petrovaradin Fotress, roman town Sirmium (today Sremska Mitrovica), and many other interesting cities, villages and beautiful parts of our country.

All of this culutral-historical heritage Serbia will present in the year of Edict of Milan, and the main events will be held in Niš, from 17th January until 6th of October.

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