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Edict of Milan Anniversary Celebrations in the city of Niš

Edict of Milan Anniversary Celebrations in the city of Niš

The Edict of Milan established religious equality and freedom of expression for Christian confession exactly 1700 years ago, by which its followers were given equal rights that other religions already enjoyed. This important decree has also enabled return of property to their rightful owners and ceased work discrimination on religious grounds. The Edict of Milan is therefore widely celebrated in Serbia from the 17th January to 6th October 2013.

The 1700th Anniversary Celebration of the Edict of Milan begins with gala concert of spiritual music in the city of Niš performed by the Russian choir from “Sretenje” monastery. Other events planned to be held during the anniversary year include the following: theatre play "Constantine: insignia angel", an exhibition about the Roman emperor, opera performance of "Aida" in the Roman amphitheatre Viminacium, outdoor performance "Troubadour" opera amidst ancient walls of the Fortress of Niš. The finale of the anniversary celebrations will take place during a central ceremony on the 6th October in Niš, when senior clergy and heads of Orthodox churches from across the world will perform and celebrate a Holly Liturgy. It is therefore anticipated that the entire 2013 will be dedicated to the Edict of Milan, marked by a plethora of events, performances and exhibitions.

Constantinus Magnus

This is the second time that Serbia celebrates this significant event, yet this being the first celebration following the great cholera epidemic and the Balkan wars in 1913.

Our special tour will takes you to the main event, the central ceremony of celebration of the Edict of Milan, as well as introduces you to the Roman heritage of Serbia.

Official state programe for aniversary celebration „Edict of Milan 313 - 2013“:

June 3rd, Concert of neoclassical music titled „Constantinus Magnus“ (a multimedia spectacle by Alexander Sanja Ilić) - The Fortress of Niš, 8 p.m.

June 15 th „Beethoven's Symphony No 9“, (concert will be performed by Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of Muhai Tang) - The Fortress of Niš, 8 p.m. 

June 28 th Opera „Il Trovatore“ by Giuseppe Verdi (concert will be performed by Belgrade Opera Ensemble) – The Fortress of Niš, 8 p.m.

September 14 th Music of the Constantine’s City (the concert of Byzantine music by Slobodan Trkulja) - The Fortress of Nis, 8 p.m.

October 6th Liturgy of the Superiors of Orthodox Churches (place and time will be announced subsequently)

October 8 th Premiere of the Opera „In Hoc Signo“ (place and time will be announced subsequently) The author of the libretto for the opera is Dejan Miladinović and the music is composed by Marco Frisina.

Spomenik caru Konstantinu, NišEdict of Milan - one of the largest civilizational documents

With it, it was declared religious equality and the termination of the persecution of Christians, which lasted three hundred years. They were able to profess their religion, and do not have to bear any consequences.

The act was brought by Roman Emperor Constantin the Great (272-337), who was born in Naissus (NIš). This Roman Emperor has left significant cultural and historical heritage in this area, among which is the famous archeological site “Medijana”, which is considered to be his summer residence. 500 square meters of mosaics 17 centuries old is planned to be presented on June.

If you want to get to know the Roman heritage of Serbia, beside Niš and Mediana, you certainly should visit Felix Romulianu which is on the UNESCO list, and which use to be residence of Roman imperior Galerije. 2 years before Konstantin, Galerije brouth Edict of Tolerance which also gives absolution to Christians, but the edict was never implemented. Iustininana Prima is one of the sites worth to visit, founded by Roman emperor Justinian for his wife empress Teodora. This is one of the most preserved arheological sites on the teritory of Serbia. 

Come and visit Roman Serbia - place where the 17 Roman emperors were born. Follow the Roman path on the cultural route of Roman emperors

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